STAAR Super Heroes in Training

This week third and fourth graders are taking the math and reading STAAR tests. Everyone has been working hard to prepare for the STAAR tests. One way the third grade teachers helped build up the student's confidence was having the students participate in STAAR Super Hero Training. The third graders got to create their own super hero and display it on their class bulletin board. Third graders in Mrs. Chapman's homeroom added pets and a Super Hero Pet Park. In Mrs. Garcia's fourth grade class, students composed STAAR motivation poems. Their classmates were invited to read their poems and respond with questions about their poem. 

Third and fourth graders have already taken the Math STAAR on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday the third graders will take the Reading STAAR and Friday the fourth graders will take the Reading STAAR.


super hero faces on staar bulletin board

















super hero in training staar bulletin board

















STAAR bulletin board