Perry Welcomes the Arrival of a Little Free Library

Community member John Butler wanted to bring joy into the community and get books into the hands of kids as well as adults. He then reached out to the school librarian, Kristen Hendrix, about installing a Little Free Library at Annette Perry. The two worked together along with district officials to get the Little Free Library installed. Mr. Butler, his two kids Kailey & Xavier and family friend Greg Myers were involved in building the Little Free Library. Kailey and Xavier are both Mansfield ISD students. 

Feel free to take a book. If you’d like to donate, there is a donation box. Returned and donated books will be quarantined for three days. There is also a hand sanitizer station.

Mrs. Hendrix interviewed Mr. Butler about his inspiration for the Little Free Library.

KH: What inspired you to move forward with the idea of installing a Little Free Library at Annette Perry?

JB: Woke up early one morning and turned on the news. I saw an early today show featuring a lady that had installed a Little Free Library somewhere on the East Coast. I thought how great of an idea.  When my kids woke up, discussed the idea of putting one in the neighborhood where we lived and the kids both loved it. They are both avid readers. With everything that was going on with Covid-19 and how many students were doing virtually, we decided that the best place to do it was a school, particularly the one closest to our house. Thinking that kids might be virtual and knowing that our local library had reduced its hours, this was another way to get books into the hands of not only kids, but also adults. We thought that we could do something to bring a little bit of joy into a world that seemed to be falling apart.

KH: Who all was involved in this project with you?

JB: The people who were involved were me (John) My Daughter (Kailey Butler), Son (Xavier Butler) and Xavier’s Godfather, (Greg Myers)

Mansfield ISD covered the story, click here to watch the story. 


picture of a family next to a little free library