Message from the Principal Regarding Safety Concern at Dismissal


Parents, it has been brought to my attention that we are having problems with dismissal procedures for 2nd-4th grade students who are WALKERS. The reported problem is that several students in this process are not actual WALKERS -- rather, they are car riders whose parents are parking in our front parking lot and waiting for students in the area where some parents wait for 2nd-4th grade WALKERS. Some of these parents and students are then walking with their child back towards our school to cross the front crosswalk to the front parking lot where they have parked their cars. It is this foot traffic that is causing a security problem with our students who are loading school buses. These parents are walking through our bus lines which is causing our young bus riders to get out of bus lines and become confused as to what line to follow to what bus. And, this causes problems for teachers on duty to make sure parent visitors are not interacting with our students. I'm sure the parents/adults who have been doing this mean no harm at all and are probably totally unaware of the problem this causes. I need your help. So, I am asking the following:

1. Please do not walk in our bus area while we are dismissing and loading buses. Wait until our buses are loaded.

2. Or, if you can't wait, please walk on the sidewalk out to the street sidewalk and follow that street sidewalk to where you need to go. Do not use the sidewalk near buses.

3. And, definitely, do not cross the driveway without crosswalks during dismissal times 3:25-3:45.

4. Or, you could just use the CAR RIDER procedures instead of WALKER procedures.

Thank you for reading and cooperating. Together we can remedy this safety concern for our students -- for our youngest bus rider kiddos.

Willie Wimbrey, Principal
Annette Perry Elementary School
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