Councilman Junior Ezeonu Visits 3rd Grade

Third grade students had the privilege of meeting Councilman Junior Ezeonu yesterday during Character Lab. Junior Ezeonu is a Grand Prairie City Council Member representing the entire city of Grand Prairie as an at-large member. Junior was elected to the city council in June of 2021 in a run-off election after defeating an incumbent who had served for 12 years. Mr. Ezeonu is the first African-American council member to represent the city of Grand Prairie since the early 1990s, and he is also the youngest elected council member in Grand Prairie history. He spoke inspiring words to the third graders and answered questions. The students enjoyed learning about his past, which includes subbing in Mansfield ISD, as well his future plans. It was a honor to have Councilman Ezeonu on our campus and for him to share his words of wisdom with our falcons. 

councilman speaking
councilman answering a student's question

To learn more about Councilman Ezeonu click here


Source: government website