Color Run Information


The 3rd Annual Annette Perry Color Run & Carnival Fundraiser will be held here at the school the morning of Saturday, September 23rd , 2023. I hope you are just as excited as we are! This will be a school community event that will allow you, your student(s), your family and our school staff to get to know one another on a different level. Here at Perry we believe in not just building relationships with your students, but with you as well. We have joined forces with PTA to give our students the experience of a lifetime so please don't miss out!

This fundraiser will run through GroupFund. This is a crowdfunding website that will allow Perry to raise its goal of $25,000. Last year we were able to raise a little over $17,000 to help classroom teachers, special activities, field day, field trips, technology and so much more! That 17k was raised by less than 160 students. Our campus has almost 600 students this year so I know we can blow past our goal if even half our students get involved. Here is some important information about the fundraiser:

1. When registering, please sign up with your child's name. It makes it easier to identify who is raising money on my end. Scan QR code on the backside of this paper to register

2. If you have more than one child at Perry, you can create two separate accounts or a joint one — completely up to you.

3. For every $30 raised by your student, they will receive one entry ticket into the color run. If they raise $60 they get two tickets, $90 they receive three tickets, etc.

4. Each entry comes with our 2023 Color Run shirt and color powder!

5. If you want to raise funds for the school but not participate in the run that is perfectly fine! Just raise money through GroupFund and let me know that you are declining the run.

6. The Color Run will begin at 8:15am on the morning of September 23rd, 2023. More details about the run will be released as the event gets closer.

The Carnival portion of the event will be put on by our fabulous PTA! The carnival will begin an hour after the color run kick-off at 9:15am inside the school and operate until 11:15. You will be able to purchase game tickets to participate in the carnival activities on the day of the event. Game tickets will be $1 each and kids will have the opportunity to win prize tickets at each booth to trade in for an assortment of prizes! Carnival will be CASH ONLY.

If you are looking for ways to get involved in the operation of the run or carnival please contact me or Melody Lammons from PTA.

Picture of the Annette Perry Color Run.