Changes Regarding Important Dates

There are two important changes:

  • Our district is NOW offering a “Temporary Virtual Learning Option Available for Grades K-6. Here is a LINK to view more information.
  • MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT will not be Monday. MEET THE NIGHT will be TUESDAY 08/17. See below.
  1. 08/17 Tuesday before 3pm Parents will receive Teacher Assignments – an email indicating the name of the Homeroom Teacher for each of their children. 
    • In order to receive your teacher assignment you must have completed all requirements.
      • Returning student online enrollment (this is done in skyward)
      • Proof of residence has been turned in to  (Gas, water, or electric bill).
  2. 08/17 Tuesday 5pm-6:30 Meet the Teacher Night – Bring school supplies to school, see classroom, see your locker, and meet the teacher. This is a come-and-go event for the whole family. Remote students will have a different night and time for this, and will be determined after final class lists and teacher assignments are made for Remote classes. 
  3. 08/18 First Day of School for in-person students. Parents may walk students into the building and all the way to their classroom door to drop students off. We permit this all 3 days of the first week of school because we will have extra staff monitoring the hallways for hallway supervision of visitors.
  4. 08/23 Monday and 08/24 Tuesday – Parent Orientation Nights for In-Person Students in which parents will come to a much more peaceful evening event with the grade level teachers as a team to learn about the procedures for that grade level. Parents may ask questions as well.  (Remote students will be later TBD.)
    • 5:00pm Pre-K            and  2nd Grade
    • 5:45pm Kindergarten and 3rd Grade 
    • 6:30pm 1st Grade      and 4th Grade 
  5. 08/25 First Day of Remote classes. Log in to TeamsApp according to information that will be sent to parents by teacher.


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