2022-2023 Grade Level Orientation Schedule

Parent Orientation Night will be a tightly scheduled experiences for teachers to present information to parents. This means that teachers will start a presentation at the beginning and will follow a schedule throughout 30 minute experiences. Part of this experience will be a Q&A for parents. At the end of the 30 minutes, we will promptly end the event to prepare for the next grade level to begin their Parent Orientation. 

The chart below lists the dates and times of each grade level's Parent Orientation. All meetings will be held in the classrooms. 

Date   Time Event Grade Level
8/16 5:00-6:00pm PK Meet the Teacher & Parent Orientation PK
8/22 5:00-5:30pm Parent Orientation Kinder & Sped
8/22 5:45-6:30pm Parent Orientation 1st Grade
8/23 5:00-5:30pm Parent Orientation 2nd Grade
8/23 5:45-6:15pm Parent Orientation 3rd Grade
8/23 6:30-7:00pm Parent Orientation 4th Grade



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